3 Things Not To Do If A Bird Has Nested In Your House – Bird Control Akron, OH

January 2022 - 4 (Blog Post)

Bird Control Akron, OH

1) Don't Try to Catch the Birds

Do not try to catch the bird with your hands or a net. This can potentially harm the bird or cause undue stress on the bird, or worse, the bird could harm you as its trying to defend itself.

2) Don't Disturb the Nest

Do not try to move or disturb the birds nest if you find it. Birds nests can carry harmful bacteria and/or diseases that you can catch if you come into contact with it.

3) Don't Disturb Unhatched Eggs

If you find a birds nest in your home with eggs in the nest dont touch or disturb the nest or the eggs. Give us a call and our experts can safely relocate the nest without causin harm to anything.

If you have birds nesting in or near your home, we can help. Our skilled bird removal team will assess your situation and safely remove the birds.