Bat Removal

Bats are unique and one of the more important mammals found in northeast Ohio. They eat a large quantity of a variety of insects – especially those pesky mosquitoes – helping to give us comfort and also protecting crops.

Although those impacts are great benefits that bats provide, when they make their home your home, bats become a nuisance. A Plus Wildlife Control has the experience and professionalism to solve your bat removal needs.

Common reasons for bat removal:

Bats roosting near or on your house or building greatly increases the risk of intrusions

Bats can carry the rabies virus which puts you at risk for getting infected with the virus

Feces (guano) and urine accumulations give off foul odors and pose serious health risks, such as Histoplasmosis

The “Bat Bug” is parasite found on bats.  The Bat Bug is closely related to the Bed Bug and can quickly infest your home or building

A bat infestation can cause a lot of stress and anxiety

Our Solution

Our comprehensive four step process for bat removal.


Determine if the bats are roosting in or near the building and asses the risks posed by the bats. We will diagnose the severity of the problem and offer an inspection report with photographs


Seal all openings that bats can enter to roost. We use high-quality materials to seal any opening so you can feel rest assured


Install a one-way valve at the main entrance to allow the bats in the structure to leave during the night and not allow, or exclude, them from re-entering


Remove all bat waste such as guano and urine. A Antimicrobial Agent is used along with odor control. We are one of only a few companies in the area that has the vacuum equipment to remove large volumes of contaminated insulation

Have our experts handle your bat removal.