Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can to take residence in your attic and/or chimney. Once a squirrel gets inside your home or building it can cause damage by chewing on wiring, ducts and pipes – creating a potential fire hazard. They also bring in a lot of nesting material and leave behind urine and feces, which is a potential safety hazard.

Common reasons for squirrel removal:

Squirrels living in your attic

Squirrels living in your chimney

Squirrels chewing on and damaging woodwork

Squirrels eating bird seed

Squirrel stuck inside your home

Our Solution

We'll asses the severity of your problem and tackle the squirrel removal issue at hand. We will seal shut any entry holes and remove the squirrels safely from your home or building.

Have our experts handle your squirrel situation.