3 Things Not To Do If You Want To Remove A Raccoon – Wildlife Control Akron, OH

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Wildlife Control Akron, OH

1) Do not approach or corner the raccoon

Raccoons are wild animals and can become aggressive if they feel threatened or cornered. Approaching them directly can lead to potential attacks or bites, which can transmit diseases such as rabies. Keep a safe distance and allow the raccoon to move away on its own.

2)  Do not feed the raccoon:

Feeding raccoons can create dependency and habituation, leading them to become a nuisance on your property. It's crucial not to intentionally provide food or leave out accessible garbage cans, as this encourages raccoons to stay and can attract more of them. Secure your trash cans and remove any potential food sources to discourage their presence.

3) Do not attempt to trap or relocate the raccoon yourself:

Removing raccoons from your property may seem like a logical solution, but it's best left to professionals. Raccoons are skilled climbers, and attempts to trap or relocate them without proper knowledge and equipment can result in injury to both the raccoon and yourself. Contact local wildlife authorities or pest control services to seek advice and assistance in handling raccoon removal.

If you've have raccoons living near or in your home, we can help. We're raccoon removal experts and have the skills and tools to safely remove them.