3 Things Not To Do When You Have A Bat In Your House Wildlife Control Akron, OH

September 2022 - 4 (Blog Post)

Wildlife Control Akron, OH

1) If It's Alive, Don't Try To Trap It

Bats are the leading source of rabies infections in the United States. Trying to trap a bat yourself means you are exposed to getting bitten, so avoid doing this if at all possible. Leave this to the experts so that bat doesn't move to other parts of your home or cause injury to your family.

2) If You See Guano, Don't Touch It

Bat guano is very harmful to human health. If you see traces or evidence guano is in your home, don't touch it. Bat guano releases pathogens as it decomposes which cause Histoplamosis, which affects the lungs. Without the proper precautions and know how, its not recommended to try to deal with this yourself.

3) If There Is A Deceased Bat, Don't Touch It

If a bat has been found deceased in your home, don't touch it or attempt to move it. The bat could be carrying diseases that could be harmful to your health and its not advised to disturb it. It's best to let an expert inspect the premise to make sure there are not other deceased bats in the area.  

If you have bats nesting in or near your home, we can help. Our skilled bat removal team will assess your situation and safely remove the bats. When in doubt, its always best to hire a professional. Don't take a chance and call us today.