3 Tips for Keeping Moles Out of Your Yard – Mole Removal Akron, OH


Mole Removal Akron, OH

1) Remove Their Favorite Food

Moles are hungry for grubs and insects in the ground. If you take measures to remove grubs, like using milky spore, you'll take away the moles food source and they won't be very interested in your lawn.

2) Use Garden Scents

Having certain plants in your garden can repel moles. Plants in the allium family, specifically marigolds and daffodils, have an odor moles don't enjoy, causing them to stay away.

3) Dig a Garden Trench

You can prevent moles from entering your garden by digging a trench around the perimeter. Dig to a depth of three feet and fill the trench with rocks or wire mesh.

If you have moles digging in your lawn, we can help. We're mole removal experts and have the skills and tools to safely remove them.