3 Tips for Keeping Raccoons Away From Your Home – Animal Control Akron, OH


Animal Control Akron, OH

1) Securing Trash

Raccoons have become comfortable in suburban areas which makes your trash a meal opportunity. Make sure your trash bags are sealed tightly to lock in odor and the trash can lid is securely shut. If an option, placing your trash cans in the garage or under light are good preventative measures.

2) Fence Off Your Garden

Your garden will be an inviting and easy option for raccoon snack time. Adding a fence around your garden that's high and flimsy will make it difficult to climb - preventing easy access.

3) Bring in Pet Food

Raccoons are opportunistic eaters and will be delighted by leftover pet food and water. If you have a pet and leave a food or water bowl outside, be sure to bring it inside in the evening. 

If you've have raccoons living near or in your home, we can help. We're raccoon removal experts and have the skills and tools to safely remove them.