3 Tips to Prevent Squirrels From Nesting in Your Home – Wildlife Control Akron, OH


Wildlife Control Akron, OH

1) Secure and Protect Bird Food

Secure bird food around your house in plastic containers to contain the scent. Keep bird food in your garage or house to further protect the food from squirrels. If you use bird feeders, use "squirrel proof" feeders.

2) Use Mothballs Around Your House

Place scented mothballs around your house to deter squirrels. Mothballs in your yard, in your garden, and in your attic will detract squirrels from building nests. Replace every few weeks for best results.

3) Check Your Roof and Siding

Look for gaps or openings in your siding that squirrels could use to gain entry into your home. Also look for holes in your roof or around your chimney where squirrels could access and nest in your attic.

If you have squirrels nesting in or near your home, we can help. Our skilled squirrel removal team will assess your situation and safely remove the squirrels.