Don’t Do These Three Things When A Squirrel Is In Your Home – Wildlife Control Akron, OH

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Wildlife Control Akron, OH

1) Don't Panic, Stay Calm:

Although an unexpected squirrel sighting may make you nervous, it's important to keep your cool. Don't make loud noises, move quickly, or try to chase the squirrel. These acts may aggravate or perhaps cause the squirrel to lash out because they are stressful to it. Instead, gently seal off the space to keep the squirrel from entering more areas of the house, and then move forward in a methodical manner.

2) Don't Block All Exits:

Even though it might seem sensible to block off all potential entrances in order to catch the squirrel, doing so can have unforeseen consequences. By closing off all doors, you increase the likelihood that the squirrel will do damage or look for cover within your house. Leave an open window or door as an obvious exit instead. If the squirrel believes it has an escape path, it is more likely to find one.

3) Don't Attempt DIY Trapping:

Without the necessary understanding, using DIY traps can lead to damage for both you and the squirrel. Squirrels should not be handled directly since they can become startled and bite or scratch. Additionally, deploying the wrong kinds of traps can cause the animal long-term distress. Instead, get in touch with experts like A+ Wildlife Control who have the know-how to humanely capture the squirrel, release it in its natural habitat, and reduce stress on it.

If you have squirrels nesting in or near your home, we can help. Our skilled squirrel removal team will assess your situation and safely remove the squirrels.