Do’s And Don’ts Of Animal Prevention – Wildlife Control Akron, OH

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Wildlife Control Akron, OH

Do: Secure Trash and Compost Bins
Animals like raccoons, foxes, and even bears are attracted to the smell of garbage and compost. Use bins with locking lids and keep them in a locked shed or garage until the morning of pickup, if possible. This simple step can greatly reduce the likelihood of wildlife rummaging through your trash.

Don't: Leave Pet Food Outside
Pet food is a major attractant for wild animals, including coyotes and skunks. Feed pets indoors or be sure to remove any leftover food immediately after outdoor feeding. Keeping feeding areas clean will help deter wildlife from visiting your property.


Do: Install Motion-Detecting Lights
Wildlife prefers to stay hidden, and sudden bright lights can deter animals from entering your yard. Position lights to cover dark corners of the yard, along pathways, and near entry points to your home.

Don't: Ignore Overhanging Trees and Unsecured Vents
Overhanging tree branches can provide easy access for animals like squirrels and raccoons to your roof and potentially inside your attic. Trim trees regularly. Also, ensure that all vents are securely covered with appropriate wildlife-proof covers to prevent entry.


Do: Use Natural Repellents
Certain smells and substances, like peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, or commercially available non-toxic repellents, can discourage animals from settling near your home. These can be especially effective in gardens to keep away small mammals and deer.

Don't: Attempt to Trap or Relocate Wildlife Yourself
This can be dangerous and is often illegal without proper permits. If you find an animal that refuses to leave, contact a professional wildlife control service like A+ Wildlife Control. Professionals have the training and licenses to handle and relocate wildlife safely and humanely.


If you have squirrels nesting in or near your home, we can help. Our skilled squirrel removal team will assess your situation and safely remove the squirrels.