How To Prevent Moles Around Your House – Mole Removal Akron, OH

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Mole Removal Akron, OH

Understand the Enemy

First, it's crucial to understand that moles are solitary and highly territorial animals. One or two moles can be responsible for all the damage you're witnessing. They prefer moist, rich soil abundant with worms and grubs. Knowing this can help you target your prevention strategies more effectively.

Remove Their Food Source

Reducing the mole's food supply is a strategic way to make your yard less attractive to them. You can apply beneficial nematodes or milky spore disease to your lawn to reduce grub populations. Encouraging natural predators, like birds, by setting up bird feeders can also help keep the insect population in check.

Water Wisely

Moist soil attracts worms and moles, so overwatering your garden can make it a mole magnet. Practice smart watering by doing so less frequently but more deeply, which encourages plants to develop deeper root systems and makes the soil less appealing to moles.

If you have moles digging in your lawn, we can help. We're mole removal experts and have the skills and tools to safely remove them.