Try These 3 Things To Discourage Raccoons Around Your House

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Wildlife Control Akron, OH

1) Secure Your Trash Bins:

Raccoons are notorious scavengers, and easily accessible trash bins are an open invitation. Invest in secure, animal-proof trash containers or consider securing your existing bins with bungee cords or heavy-duty lids. This simple step not only prevents raccoons from accessing a potential food source but also promotes a cleaner and more organized outdoor space.

2) Eliminate Food Sources:

Raccoons are attracted to food, and even seemingly innocent sources can be tempting. Avoid leaving pet food outdoors, and if you have bird feeders, consider installing baffles to prevent raccoons from reaching them. Additionally, secure compost bins tightly to avoid creating a raccoon-friendly buffet. By eliminating potential food sources, you make your property less appealing to these clever foragers.

3) Use Natural Deterrents:

Raccoons have sensitive noses, and certain scents can deter them from exploring your property. Consider using natural repellents like ammonia-soaked rags, cayenne pepper, or citrus peels strategically placed around potential entry points. These scents are offensive to raccoons and can discourage them from frequenting your property without causing harm.

If you've have raccoons living near or in your home, we can help. We're raccoon removal experts and have the skills and tools to safely remove them.