What To Expect From A Removal Service – Wildlife Control Akron

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Wildlife Control Akron, OH

Initial Contact and Consultation

The first step in resolving your wildlife issue is reaching out to A+ Wildlife Control. During your initial contact, be prepared to describe the nature of your problem, including what type of animal you suspect is involved, where it is located, and any signs of damage or entry you’ve observed. This information helps our team assess the situation and plan the best approach. A+ Wildlife Control will then schedule a convenient time for a thorough inspection.

On-Site Inspection

Our trained and licensed technicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your property. This step is crucial for identifying the species, the extent of the infestation, and the damage incurred. Technicians will check for entry points, signs of nesting, droppings, and other evidence that pinpoint the wildlife’s activities. Based on this inspection, A+ Wildlife Control will develop a tailored removal and exclusion plan that addresses the specific challenges of your situation.

Humane Removal and Exclusion

A+ Wildlife Control uses humane and effective methods to remove animals. Depending on the animal and the situation, this may involve the use of live traps, one-way doors, or hands-on removal. Our approach ensures that animals are treated with respect and care and that they are relocated to appropriate habitats where possible.

If you have animals nesting in or near your home, we can help. Our skilled animal removal team will assess your situation and safely remove the animal.